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Irwin Fritchie Urquhart Moore & Daniels, LLC, serves as local, regional, and national counsel for public companies, privately owned businesses, governmental entities, non-profit organizations, individuals, and insurers with civil litigation needs.

We achieve superior results by seizing the initiative in litigation and seeking cost-effective solutions, quickly, before significant costs are incurred. Where an early resolution is not possible, we use our experience, knowledge, and creativity to produce exceptional results for our clients at trial and beyond.

From the largest to smallest disputes, Irwin Fritchie works tirelessly for positive outcomes

When cases must go to trial, Irwin Fritchie works diligently to provide the best possible client outcomes. We quickly analyze the facts and the law surrounding each case, then detail your realistic options, allowing you to make the most effective, strategic, and business-savvy decision. Should you decide to evaluate settlement options, our team will do so efficiently and at the lowest-possible cost. If the need arises, we will stand beside you throughout the duration of the trial and beyond, executing dynamically and decisively, with one of the most formidable trial teams in the business.

Our clients trust us to defend their most challenging trials and disputes, and the Irwin Fritchie team prides itself on delivering decisive results. For example, we recently defended a medical device manufacturer being sued in 35 states during a billion-dollar multidistrict litigation (MDL), including 50,000 plaintiffs. In a second case, we represented a grocery store being sued by a woman claiming to have (believe it or not) slipped and fallen on a banana peel. Through hard work and determination, we fiercely defended and won both cases for our clients.

The experience you need when the stakes are at their highest

Irwin Fritchie has the experience to find impactful solutions for our clients’ most challenging legal problems. For nearly 25 years, we have played an important role in the shaping, handling, and outcome development in a wide range of complex mass-litigation. Our team has experience pioneering strategies in drug and medical device, rail, asbestos, and a variety of other cases as national trial or liaison counsel in suits with up to tens of thousands of plaintiffs. We try high-stakes cases and win by studying the intricacies of each dispute, finding a solution that is effective, easy to understand, and compelling to jurors, judges, and mediators. 

Simple Solutions to Your Most Complex Legal Challenges

We handle extremely complicated MDL and numerous other mass-tort cases – alleging hundreds or thousands of injured plaintiffs – in cases with varied facts, involving complex and overlapping issues of science, medicine, anatomy, biology, pharmacology, engineering, biomechanical engineering, and other assorted innovative technologies.

When approaching such complex issues, our team thoroughly reviews the intricacies of each case, breaking down complicated and obscure information into simple storylines supported by the facts. The objective of these simplified storylines is not only to give the judge or jury of each case something to understand, but something to believe, motivating them to find in our favor.

In complex cases, simplicity wins. After all, the best lawyers are persuasive story tellers, and Irwin Fritchie lawyers are some of the best in the business.

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