Irwin Fritchie Returns Defense Verdict in Bellwether MDL

By akancher on 11/22/2021

NEW ORLEANS, LA – On November 18, 2021, Douglas J. Moore, of Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore, partnered with Hildy Sastre and Jon Strongman of Shook Hardy & Bacon to return a defense verdict on behalf of Sanofi Aventis US LLC in the second bellwether trial held in the In Re Taxotere Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2740. At the culmination of a nearly two-week jury trial held in the Eastern District of Louisiana, a defense verdict was rendered on the first question on the verdict form, with the jury finding that Sanofi did not fail to adequately warn of the risk of permanent chemotherapy-induced alopecia associated with the use of Taxotere, a life-saving chemotherapy medication. This was the second bellwether trial in which defense verdict was returned in MDL 2740. The first case, also tried by Sastre, Strongman, and Moore, was a defense verdict where the jury also returned a verdict on the first question on verdict form – that time concluding that the Plaintiff failed to prove that she has permanent chemotherapy-induced alopecia caused by Taxotere.

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