Science & Experts


Multijurisdictional, mass-torts often require attorneys who are capable of and willing to immerse themselves in the underlying scientific issues. Such skill and dedication is essential to formulate a viable scientific defense to the claims being asserted, to understand the most effective way to frame matters for trial, to identify and retain the best possible experts, and to act as a resource to other litigation teams, such as coordinating counsel, briefing teams, or trial teams. Our attorneys have tremendous experience in this important area of complex litigation.

We regularly develop teams of experts in litigation-relevant scientific disciplines and then prepare team members for deposition and trial testimony. Our firm is highly skilled at identifying, retaining, and coordinating such teams as part of an overarching defense strategy in nationwide and international mass-torts. Years of practice in this area have led to an extensive network of strong relationships with some of the top experts in the world.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience preparing company witnesses and 30(b)(6) witnesses for depositions and trial testimony in matters involving highly technical subjects. We have served in this role to prepare company scientists and engineers for depositions and trial testimony in cases pending in dozens of U.S. jurisdictions, as well as for testimony in international proceedings. In addition, we routinely prepare presentations to clients, trial teams, national teams, and international counsel on key scientific issues in various pieces of litigation.