Irwin Fritchie routinely serves as trial counsel in high-stakes litigation throughout Louisiana and in jurisdictions across the country. Because we have handled all aspects of national trial work, we are capable of adapting to the specific needs of our clients. Our attorneys have served as lead trial counsel and/or liaison counsel in multidistrict litigation proceedings and class actions on multiple occasions. In addition to serving as lead counsel, we also serve on trial teams composed of attorneys from different law firms and enjoy working with skilled colleagues. We are frequently involved in the preparation of bellwether cases for trial. We have skilled trial support teams that assist our clients and/or trial counsel leading up to and through trial. These teams are thoroughly experienced in all areas of trial preparation, including lay witness preparation, expert witness preparation, compiling and coordinating exhibits, and the development of demonstrative evidence for complex cases. Our clients have recognized Irwin Fritchie’s value as trial or trial support counsel by consistently selecting our attorneys to participate in jury research exercises across the country. At Irwin Fritchie, we pride ourselves in our trial capabilities and have even invested in a mock courtroom in our office that allows us to conduct jury research on site.